This fall is bright & warm like the latest album ‘LIGHT YEARS’

Last picture of the sky that been immortalized that day whatever Albert says …


If you think celerity is a real matter in science then it can be used for calculating time-light from the sun, which means it’s already sunny over here on our bright side. I thought celerity was the square root of distance on a field of a gradient on earth, like 30 kilometers is 3,1457 sin 30&a. What it makes me think is that i am actually asking myself were’s the north and the result is not like a fibonacci sequence but almost a gradient to me from the north.


As a person of science i could describe time-light like the coolest omnipresence of radiancy on earth & in the galaxy of the milky way. Still black holes or space vortexes in an other space dimension that makes me think there are multiples correlated to the speed of sound on ground earth which is 1.16.


The speed of the mach, meaning the speed at which the sound breaks the sound is omega by 2.

It seems pretty cool for me and looks like the speed of sound is 340 m/s at a ground level.


Last time a was writing on sound, it was described as a unique instancy in time that gave me again the formula of Distance equals time space. The sound has it’s own direction and is supposed to be stable and global at a certain volume like 100DB whereas it produces itself in time. You can use the number 225 as an division of time or just the roman V. Time equals Speed by a x factor. As a result, Beeing a matrix supposes a sequence whatever is the unicity of a pair or impair number.


The sens has no other question in time without the displacement, (means the movement) of the inertie produced by sound. It’s probably directional even if the air particles in movement delivers energy that been produced and dismantles itself from the center of it’s inertie.


To increase by 2 the speed or a unknown X in time, shows us the question that distance is a progression or not mainly reached by sound or by it’s movement itself.


Theory of the Syber-space is an equation above the infinite that albert Einstein described as a quantique world. « Ici sur Terre, la gravité est zéro soit nulle soit 1 donc neutre à une fonction dite d’un évènement produit par le siècle d’un événement.’ (Alain)


These are the LIGHT YEARS






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NEW club listeners and steppers beyond the reality of audio .... Let's enjoy this magnificent album by True funz colorist.


First, this album retraces several new compositions during the year 2015. Finally achieves an announcement to the album Data colors.


Worked a lot on my mac to deliver high volumes, bright sounds and huge kicks of techno.


As far as i did to know, this album isn't really techno or dubstep, because i think it's uniqueness reminds me why i go to Spain and summer and sea ... Like others, a lot of work has been created around this theme, audio, and whatever i say, i think it's a truth, meant something beautiful to spend time and enjoy lounge music, or good club hits whenever we have this time.


All the songs of this album were truly composed by myself. Had an inspiration in sampling music, playing, synchronizing works, adding steps and colors through my studio.


Didn't remixed those songs yet, i know they seem a quite short but there still is almost twenty tracks.


For those who remember, i'll say everything is such as a big and unique thing. I won't tell that anything is out of a jam but still, i got happy and still am looking for it.


The best is to buy my album of course, check it out on itunes, google play, amazon, it's really nice

even if it doesn't emphasize you to listen to the truth



FALL 2015 - Still working on eighties stuff, took my clav back on the desk, studying still on lfo's, making this work happening & looking forward to create lounge music again like my fav title now " the cocktail" available on itunes & google play.

Auto producing my stuff with itunes & several more digital stores, having a long break since may.... Can i be more obvious and say i love my technics and trying to buy myself a set of tractor these days if i could.

Everything is ok, cheer up !


True funz colorist


Going to UK before this winter...

Would like to say the coolest clubs are other there cause they play my music & i think they like 80's stuff

I know this cause they love dub, and mostly dance music on hard floors. Get kinky music, i think it's time for me to listen to CALIEROS & MELUEGA.


Signed up on SMASH UP RECORDS recently, my new EP (origin)



It will be available soon









CD quality - no crack's - NR - Noise reduction - Numeric Firewire 800mb/s transfert speed - digitally mastered in studio ( L.I.V.E)











NEW album coming out soon


It's all about planets and technology,

recently i was taking pictures of the sky, and i've been thinking about why we need so much technology. The fact is that we all may know about it, but recently i've been working on Audio, meanwhile i wasn't composing a lot but working still. Studied a lot on the hertz and how it could be, like a shapeless sound with colors. Doing the best to release a sound out of tune and not too much cracky, even if it is digital or analog. Had a lot of pleasure with my recent album, made great improvement, and still haven't remixed anything yet like i did with DATA colors, or ALGORYTHMICS. Went Digital, and unplugged a bit on ORION & released an EP at Smashuprecords (ORIGIN).


Will have to release the next album (deluxe version of DATA COLORS) with 24 tracks mostly Huge tracks on the main COLOR theme. Really my favorite. Waiting for feedbacks about Data Colors before releasing the deluxe version.


Colors have been such a Great preoccupation since i was making my first great album, after digging the crates looking for no such things that have been produced in the XXI s. A bit of ORION can be gathered to a remake of the last Albums.


Left over those sounds from ART OUT OFF GEAR,z making me think to release that album anyway


The best will be to find those albums again, meanwhile they will be available on itunes, spotify and many digital stores. "Just Play the Chess" is the newest album out now these days, taking us out of tune songs on the matters of AUDIO CITY. If i have enough time this fall, i will release CLOUDS & ORION, & @ART OUT OFF GEAR.


All these albums are so Out of a binary thought that we make great pleasure & Fun listening to Club music or Others Hits smashers. Get done above this i can say it's been such a plug to hire these days that i've recently discovered new plug's on Logic X and been working back again with My Arturia Synth. Gonna remix those clubs before they take over or what ... Bring me those damn Pioneers again and i will make appear the result like before. GO back to UK and bring me those jams i've said to myself. And that's what didn't happen, cause i'm Original enough to say no to those base jammers, and my stereo is high enough so i could appreciate again Clouds & the rest of My Mystery...


Working through my lab to improve science.




Dreams above love edit








I created hundreds of mix tapes since my time and now i'm proud to present to you STUDIO IMAGINA, my private commercial service for mastering or any work on audio.





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I have been mixing mixtapes from the years 2000, and as i have been making and remixing those stuff before being a sound engineer. Now i realize it was so heavy to make it through the market but i got a lot of practice and learnt those pioneers (cdj1000 mk II). I've been recording on computers via protools 7 LE, on mac os X


Now that i'm a producer (means i produce my stuff) i've been wishing to make things out of a straight, improving much more on projects. I Make my own tapes and been waiting a long time to know how to dj properly. As True facts have been in matters of style by mixing i know i can mix anything not any style but i love music as all love indeed been in this sentence, means i can do it whatever people want out from these.


Waiting for feed back on my two ALBUMS, Algorythmics & Data Colors, releasing a deluxe version soon...




i'm a sound engineer, and studied 3 years in the famous sound engineering school,


cinema -

studio -

music records -

recording -






My specific formation was based on audio visual dubbing



and surround mixing on pro tools

and yamaha's controllers

& other workstation

or soft's like digital performer (MOTU) --

Cubase --


Pro TOOLS HD 24 - 192KHz -

PROTOOLS software


PROTOOLS environement


Yamaha DM 2000 sound surround controller. (5.1)












Ended my school in 2009 -

also had a designer formation during 3years

and a speciality of 3D art school of animation -

(films de synthèse à PARIS) -






et une école préparatoire de dessin -



after leaving from vinci's LA DEFENSE -

Paris school of 3D modeling & animation.





Heading out of esra pro

& going pro









i work on protools LE 7 with a digidesign 002 on a Intel PC 2 x 2,8 GHZ

sound card magic surround emi 26 emagic.

I also work pro on mac Imac 27" 12 Go ram.


I use Maschine Studio for beat making - and electronic music.





Dubbing on cDJ 100 MK2 i'm a dj since 15 years and work for my own production in France.

My home studio also provide a intel Mac OSX mavericks 12GO ram -


machine studio - for beat making or further collaboration ----










I Work on hip hop or electronic house -

experimental -

electro acoustics -

pop music

and personal works

different Releases from different albums.










Working a lot on mix,

my own tapes delivered a lot of feedback.


Check me out on the web - as Mr Alain Corcessin


More than hundreds of mix tapes.

My personal DJ SET UP -

Technics - MK2 set up -

plus Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2

plus Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK3





Emagic 2I6 - surround sound card (5.1)




Recorded all my set & tapes on digital 16 bits - 44,100 KHz since 2007

(day or acquisition of the protools set up)



High CD quality - no crack's - NR - Noise reduction - Numeric Firewire 800mb/s transfert speed - digitally mastered in studio ( L.I.V.E)










This album is a lot of emphasis around warp styled techno - using common techno bass lines


Everything in The Title FANTASY has reminded me to stay soft


No more Acid


Well :/


I don't know what i was going on at that time, just shuffling' pots and now i got to lay out the mix...


I've said to myself that was a good mix - even if i consider the fact that everything was in control...


So i was shuffling a lot


Working a few sessions in LOGIC PRO X, laying out the mix on the new mixing table, whereas the DAC is good and converts the signal


I got brand new coloration, even if the album looks as a stand alone


No editing, everything was ok on four of the main titles that made methe fact that i should release the album anyway


So there it is